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    Posted on 07, January, 2016
    Presented by Kevin & Sue Anne Donohoe

    When families and friends go for rides, it is a time-honored tradition to stake an early claim on the “shotgun” position (the front passenger seat). However, if you find yourself relegated to the middle of the backseat, you can take consolation in the knowledge that it is the safest seat in the vehicle. According to researchers from the University of Buffalo, people riding in the middle of the back seat are 25 percent safer than other backseat passengers. They are also 59 percent to 86 percent safer than front-seat passengers. The reason for this is that the backseat middle is surrounded by the largest crush zone, which is the area of the vehicle that absorbs shock during an impact.

    This column on safety is brought to you by our entire staff. We take safety very seriously, always treating your vehicle with the utmost care because we know how much you and your passengers rely on your vehicle. We appreciate your business, and provide personal service to each and every customer. Let us perform preventative maintenance on a regular basis before that happens. Here at Pacific Motor Service, we are committed to excellent customer service, and quality work. That’s a promise.

    P.S. Failure to use a seatbelt in the backseat reduces your chances of surviving a crash by a factor of three.


    Kevin and Sue Anne are the owners of Pacific Motor Service

    Located at 500 E. Frainklin St. here in Monterey

  • Your Auto Column - Presented by Kevin and Sue Anne Donohoe

    Posted on 20, November, 2015

    Having a leaking sunroof in your vehicle is enough of a nuisance to pose a safty hazard. This kind of problem should be addressed right away. In most cases, a clogged sunroof drain is directly responsible for the steady stream of water entering the cabin. If the hose that runs from the sunroof's drainage trough down through the windshield pillars is plugged or kinked, water will overflow the trough. In some cases, the auto technician can remove a blockage with a blast of compressed air. If not, running a "snake" down the hose may dislodge any problematic matter. If the track is lost at the upper end of the original hose, replacement may involve removing the headliner.

    If you have any issue with your vehicle, whether a leaky sunroof or engine problems, we want to help! We have the knowledge and skills to handle all your automotive needs. At the first sign of an automobile problem, it is a good idea to have it looked at by a professional. Call us at (831) 357-9571 or click here to make an appointment. We are located at the corner of Figueroa and Franklin, just west of Jack's Park in Downtown Monterey.

    P.S. If a sunroof becomes stuck during operation, do not try to fix the problem yourself. You may only make a bad situation worse.

    Kevin and Sue Anne are the owners of Pacific Motor Service

    Located at 500 E. Frainklin St. here in Monterey

  • Thank You!

    Posted on 23, December, 2014


    We would like to thank our customers that donated non-perishable food items to our Salvation Army Food Drive. We had 220 pounds of food donated to our Monterey shop! 
    Thanks again,
    The Pacific Motor Service and Eco Smog Team

  • Vehicle Maintenance Tips from Pacific Motor Service: Wiper Blade Design

    Posted on 18, December, 2014

    Wiper blades may not be the most exciting topic for most Monterey auto owners – but they are pretty important. Most of us Monterey drivers have had an experience when a sudden snow or rain storm hits while we’re driving; then when we turn on the wipers – nothing but streaks. This can be especially disconcerting at night when the glare of on-coming headlights distorts your vision.

    Simple answer: change your wiper blades BEFORE they fail. Check them out every couple of months just to see how they are working. Of course, the more you use your wipers, the sooner they’ll wear out. Monterey drivers with lots of storms or those who drive a lot in CA where there are bugs and road grime will use their blades more.

    But even when you’re not using your blades, they are exposed to sunlight, ozone, soap, and extreme hot and cold CA temperatures which lead to deterioration. Your blades can just rot away and fall apart before you need them. Of course, using your wipers when the blades are torn can lead to scratches in your windshield. Monterey motorists don’t want to risk a steep windshield replacement over the cost of a couple of wiper blades.

    Now let’s talk about wiper blade upgrades. Monterey auto owners can upgrade both the design and the wiper material. Let’s start with the material. Traditional black rubber blades do a great job of clearing your windshield when they are new. Over time all of the conditions mentioned above damage them and degrade their performance. Silicone blades are far less affected by environmental conditions and will simply perform better for a longer time for Monterey motorists.

    There are two elements to the design. First, the wiper blade itself: Some have a single wiping edge. Others have multiple edges – kind of like a multi-blade razor. The idea is to maximize wiping power during both swipes of the blade.

    The other design element is with the wiper frame. This is the structure that applies pressure on the blade as it passes over the windshield. A conventional frame has four to six contact points on the blade. These apply pressure used to clear water and snow. A beam frame provides uniform pressure along the entire surface of the wiper. Their shape catches the wind passing over the vehicle to provide additional downforce to help get a clean swipe. A hybrid frame has four to six contact points as with a conventional blade, but also incorporates an airfoil to provide additional downforce as with beam blades.

    So which blade should you opt for? Well always use at least the grade and design that came with the vehicle from the auto manufacturer. Upgrade for better performance and longer lasting blades. The extra cost of premium blades is a good value for this important safety system.

    While you’re at it, make sure you have plenty of windshield washer solvent (use a winter formulation when Monterey temps drop below freezing) and that your washer nozzles are working well. Talk with your courteous Pacific Motor Service tech about upgrading your wiper blades.

  • Tis The Season!

    Posted on 01, December, 2014

    Tis the season to give to our community! This holiday season we at Pacific Motor Service are partnering with The Salvation Army and collecting food for families in need on the Monterey Peninsula. At all three of our locations, we have a donation bin for our customers to come donate any canned or non-perishable food items.


    To show our appreciation for your donations, we are offering 10% off any service to our customers that bring in a non-perishable food item. So come join us as we show our community that we care! To make an appointment with us in Pacific Grove and Monterey, please click Request Online Appointment or call (831) 531-4377.



    The Pacific Motor Service and Eco Smog Team